What can you tell about a person by his screensaver?

June 12, 2020

What can you tell about a person by his screensaver?

When setting high-quality desktop wallpapers, or choosing a screensaver for your phone, we rarely think about the fact that someone can easily tell about our character just by looking at this image. Constantly changing images? Or you don’t spend time on this and leave the one that was by default? Or maybe you choose something from your archive? Let's find out what a desktop screensaver can say about a person.

Photo of your partner. Of course, there is nothing nicer than this. Looking at your phone or computer desktop, you immediately remember all the most pleasant things, feel the warmth that this person gives you. Psychologists say that this is done by loyal, sensitive people who are not shy about their feelings. By the way, they are also good friends.

A snapshot of your animal or one downloaded from the Internet. Whatever it is, but the screen saver with animals says that you live in a fantasy world, and you are also quite a creative person. Animals on wallpaper can quickly cheer up a person when they need it. This is especially pronounced when the pet is far away. If you install such wallpapers on your desktop by downloading from the Internet, then you don’t have enough support.

Selfie. This choice belongs only to narcissists. Well, who else will be able to enjoy themselves throughout the day? No, it's not that bad, but maybe you should think about others sometimes.

A snapshot from a trip. These kinds of wallpapers are chosen by those who like to dream, as well as very curious. A screensaver with a beautiful landscape from vacation makes you return to those beautiful places, so a person dreams of going on a trip again and again and most likely comes to his goal.

Plane in the sky. It may sound strange, but the wing of an airplane in flight says that you are a real intellectual. Also, you are truly in love with travel.

Default screen saver. Those who don't want to spend time on choosing the perfect screensaver, as this is not the most important thing in life, usually communicate, have a lot of friends, attend parties, and are generally quite open-minded. Although for some, this may be associated with the fact that you are a rather windy person.