Fashion wallpapers: be in trend

June 16, 2020

Fashion wallpapers: be in trend

So, the world is rapidly developing, everything is changing, it is difficult to keep up with fashion, but it is possible. Especially if you are interested in high technology. Buy a new fashionable dress or stylish shoes that may not always be affordable, but you can set your desktop wallpaper based on the latest design trends in 2020. Let's find out what we were pleased with famous designers, and what screensavers on the desktop of a computer or phone should be installed by fashionistas.

Let's start with the color scheme. It is no secret that the famous Pantone company annually presents to the world the color of the year. In 2020, it's classic blue. So if you put an image in blue tones on the screen, you will get approval from the designers.

However, another Shutterstock service doesn’t agree with the choice and created a different selection of fashionable colors based on the analysis of downloaded images. And their colors are more saturated and bright, for example, red-orange, mint, purple.

In addition to the color, you should also pay attention to the design of the image itself. Today, the old Bauhaus style, which appeared a hundred years ago and became the parent of modern typography and design in general, is becoming very relevant. The idea of it is simplicity, which is so exaggerated that it is raised to the absolute. Famous brands repeat the Bauhaus in honor of its 100th anniversary, and you can also take advantage of the moment and set beautiful wallpapers in high quality on your smartphone or computer desktop.

Another great option for a screensaver is the duotone. Two-color images have long been used for creating interfaces and booklets. Some photographers process finished images in this style to give the final work a personality. As for wallpapers for your phone or desktop, the duotone wins: two colors do not distract, look contrasting (that is, not boring), but at the same time allow you not to get confused in the icons, as can happen with a color screensaver.

So, now you know all about design trends and can safely install the most fashionable wallpapers on your computer or phone. Want more? Then download our App, which will automatically select the most beautiful screensaver for you. Our collection contains HD wallpapers and screensavers for Android and Windows.