History of the famous Windows XP screensaver

June 16, 2020

History of the famous Windows XP screensaver

For sure, each of you is familiar with the famous photo that decorated (or maybe someone still does) the desktop on Windows XP. It images a blue sky with white clouds and a small hill covered with incredibly green grass. This computer desktop wallpaper was great for productive work: bright colors may have been intended to distract users, but in fact, they acted quite positively, because every time the desktop was opened, the person seemed to be in this very place, where the grass grows around, and the sky filled with beautiful white clouds.

It is interesting to know the history of this picture, which brought its author, if not worldwide fame, but quite a comfortable life. If you calculate and present approximate figures, this picture was seen by about 1 billion people. Charles O’Rier hardly imagines what would happen to him. And, according to his words, he enjoys every minute of his fame, because not everyone is awarded such an honor.

The photo is called "Serenity" and was taken back in 1996. That year, O'Rier went to see his girlfriend, as on the road in the grape district of Sonoma (California, USA), he saw a landscape of extraordinary beauty. There was no reason to pass by, so he calmly stopped, took out his Mamiya RZ67 camera, set it on a tripod, and loaded it with Fujifilm Velvia film.

One interesting fact: this hill was supposed to be covered with vineyards, but these lands were planted with phylloxera grape in the early 90s, after which they were removed for several years.

Charles first sent this picture to the company Corbis, which was owned by Bill Gates. The main profile is the sale of stock photos. And only in 2000, a year before the release of the legendary Windows XP OS, Microsoft bought the rights to this photo.

Now Charles O'Rier is engaged in a new project: he was offered to shoot a series of photos for smartphones. He took this job with pleasure.

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