Why shouldn’t you set personal photos as a wallpaper?

June 12, 2020

Why shouldn’t you set personal photos as a wallpaper?

Although the Internet offers a lot of beautiful high-quality screensavers for your phone or desktop, people regularly put their photos, as well as children and partners as wallpaper. But for one lover of showing off, nine people are against such screensavers. Why? They don't even display high-quality photos taken by professional photographers. What is it: intuition, subconscious, ancestral memory? You can call it whatever you want, but the truth is that deep down we all understand that the image of a person carries part of its energy.

According to people who are fond of esotericism, wallpaper on your desktop or mobile phone screen should not contain images of people, especially relatives and friends of the owner of the gadget, as well as his portrait. This is because a single look at a screensaver by another person who is not very kind to you can spoil the energy and attract negativity.

If you still really want to install such wallpaper on your phone, then don’t shoot yourself with your eyes fixed on the lens. It is better to look away or ask someone to take you from a different angle.

As for the photo of the couple as a screensaver on the phone, not everyone thinks it is appropriate. You have probably heard that newlyweds shouldn’t be photographed before the wedding, as it can separate them, attracting unkind envious looks.

It's no secret that young mothers rarely post photos of their children online, often using masks and emoticons to cover the baby's cute face. But for some reason, they don’t hesitate to install their pictures as a screensaver on the desktop in high quality. It can be even worse than if you uploaded a photo to Instagram for your friends, because the screensaver on your phone can be seen by a stranger, who can put on a negative image in just seconds.

If you believe in these signs, then the best way out for you is to install beautiful wallpapers on your desktop or smartphone screen, downloaded from the Internet. And the second option, more convenient – is to install our App, which after simple settings will automatically select the best images on your desktop for free. They will change, so your screen will always look new.